Mustang Medicine is an initiative created by The Clapham Foundation - a 501(c)3 charity - that inspires people to pursue and reach their highest potential.  By combining the science of Positive Psychology, Evidence-Based Horsemanship and ancient Greek Philosophy, our program delivers workshops wherein individuals experience practical application of their divine strengths and divine deficiencies to develop core character excellences (virtue).


Our unique approach utilizes findings of equine neuroscience that mustangs experience primary emotions of fear, safety, trust and love in manners similar to that of humans.  Our methods provide insight into personal character excellences (virtues) that empower us to successfully overcome difficult circumstances that occur in our lives.


We refer to individuals in our program as scholars because everyone attends the program on scholarship and expresses a desire to study character excellence and become a Person of Character Excellence (Virtue). 


When mustangs are gathered in from the wild and adopted by our facility, they begin the process of learning to trust and overcome fear to become safe, confident and excellent in their new partnership with humans.  Certified mustang facilitators guide and gentle the mustangs through the initial training program to prepare the mustangs to safely work with the scholars.  


During our workshops, scholars work with semi-wild mustangs and facilitators to think through the pressures of the mustang’s challenging circumstances.  By doing so, scholars discover their own character strengths & deficiencies and teach themselves principles to address adversity and develop the confidence to defeat fear, create internal safety, trust themselves and find gratitude in growth through hardship.  Our workshops foster awareness and teach scholars how to think - not what to think.  As a result, our scholars discover that all the answers they need to successfully address and overcome life’s challenges reside within themselves. 


Character excellence comprises the heart of the Mustang Medicine program, and helping people build virtuous lives represents its ultimate aim.  Virtue is a way of being that promotes magnificence: the ability to own our strengths without arrogance and the ability to own our deficiencies without shame.  We believe the most effective way to influence society is to influence individuals because like-minded individuals freely coalesce to build and fortify communities. To that end, we begin with the individual to create symbiotic societies forged from a foundation of virtue. 


Board of Directors

Our Team

Dr. David Hill

Dr. David Hill is a Founder of doTerra Essential Oils, a multi-billion dollar company with a community of over 4.5 million wellness advocates. Dr. Hill brings a wealth of business acumen, social network expertise and a robust network of influential people and organizations in Utah.

Clay Olsen

Clay Olsen is a founder of Fight the New Drug, Joinfortify.com.  Clay has been working for ten years to present scientifically backed research regarding the dangers of pornography.  Clay has built a community of over 1,000,000 followers on its social media accounts. Clay created Fortify, an app that assists those seeking to recover from pornography addiction. To date, Fortify has over 90,000 users.  He lends expertise to our social media and app initiatives.

Shelaine Maxfield

Shelaine Maxfield is a Founder of The Younique Foundation, a non-profit organization established to assist survivors of childhood sexual abuse find healing and hope.  Shelaine travels the globe inspiring Younique Presenters and others to find their callings and to make a powerful difference in the world.



Hugh Vail is the  founder of the Clapham Foundation. He is responsible for developing the vision and executing the strategy.  Hugh previously owned and operated a successful multi-million dollar food storage company. Hugh managed the Operation Underground Railroad Social Media accounts and created an online community of 250,000 people with a readership of over 1,000,000 people a year.  He was the chief strategist on the digital marketing for The Abolitionists, a documentary about Operation Underground Railroad.



Kyle has extensive experience in business operations including Six Sigma Process Improvement with 3M Company as well as Asset Management responsibilities with Private Equity Firms and Commercial Real Estate Companies overseeing the operational and financial performance of over $750 million of commercial real estate assets.  Kyle holds a Bachelor of Business from University of Utah and a Master of Real Estate Development from New York University.  Kyle is responsible for developing and maintaining the business model, structuring the company's short and long term vision and crafting the narrative for the program's curriculum.



Troy has a varied background in business including financial lending, online retail sales and marketing and operating an accounting firm.  His degree is in business management with an emphasis in finance. He oversees Clapham’s operational and financial processes and pursues opportunities for long term sustainability.



Kim has a background in Graphic Design specializing brand identity design. Since he began volunteering at Mustang Medicine back in 2017 he has developed skills in marketing and web design and continues to serve Mustang Medicine with their graphic, web, and marketing needs.



Julie has 25 years experience working with horses. She spent ten years training and showing horses through the 4H equestrian program and the Open Western Horsemanship shows.  She represented both local and professional rodeos as Rodeo Queen in Utah for four years. She was an instructor for beginner to intermediate youth horse lessons.  She is also a certified group fitness and yoga instructor and an aspiring therapeutic sound healing facilitator. Julie manages the equine facility and is one of Mustang Medicine facilitators for the virtue workshops.



Emily is a Behavior Specialist for the Salt Lake City School District.  She is a board certified behavior analyst. Emily collects data to measure and convey the program’s impact on our clients’ lives.  Emily’s contribution to Mustang Medicine informs our program to refine and bolster the course content and delivery.

"We must discover, activate and vigorously perfect the warhorse character excellences within us.


 Because we know we are enough and we will always be enough, we will not sabotage our divine life purpose out of fear and shame.


The degree to which we develop the character excellences determines our ability to manifest the Warhorse that already exists within us in order to overcome our divine obstacles and deliver to humanity the elixir of our divine journey."


- Hugh Vail

Advisory Board

Jeff Olsen, Director of Marketing for BYU broadcasting
Jeff O'Driscoll, M.D.
Tyler Perry, Perry Homes


96 W Wheatfield Cir Draper, UT 84020

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