Mustang Medicine partnered with Holding Out Help, an organization that provides those who come from a polygamous culture the resources needed to transition from isolation to independence. Below is a young man's experience:

I had an incredible time this last week taking my cousin Julli's boys to see horses in their journey from the wild at a Mustang Medicine event. These horses are straight from the government lands. If I remember right, Stormy the black and white one had only been out of the wild for a month.

The journey these horses will make to becoming tame was a really unique experience to watch. Next to a careful human, these horses learn though countless hours of positive experiences how to respond in their most challenging times.

It was incredible watching Derek, Hugh, and Scott tactfully demonstrate the gentling experience right in front of us. As Hue and Derek explained the horse has a very similar brain as Humans do, minus a few important human parts.

Outside of the explanation that these guys gave to us, Hue and Derek didn't say much at all to the horse. The horse obviously doesn't respond or understand our language. It's an experience that depends all on action. The horse responded to Hue's actions, his body language, and his touch.

Hue was able to explain what his experience has taught him about what the horse would say if he could think. The instincts the horse knows how to respond with can be summed up with, "This tall two legged being is going to kill me". In the pictures you can easily see the horse feels vulnerable. The horse will physically run around Hue until his instincts have him comfortable that he's safe in another part of the pen. The horse will run around until he feels safe.

Hue explained, this vulnerability is important in helping the horse overcome their fears. Hue had likely spent over 15 hours with just one horse and many more hours are required to gentle a wild horse.

The actions they can offer the horse are the pure and raw experiences of being positive and patient.

It was clear to see there are many parallels between this horse's journey, and the journey we all face. It certainly isn't easy to give anyone 15 hours of dedicated time of no talking. Sometimes all we need is to shut our traps and just exist. Sometimes you just need to stop the runaround and just create positive experiences.

It was such a great experience. If you all are interested in attending a Mustang Medicine event please let me know.

Thanks a bunch to Angela Kelly and Tonia Tewell for helping work this out.

Andrew J.


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