Ultimate Multi-day Experience of Character Excellence

"The way of the horse is a prescription for engaging the Universe. It serves as an algorithm for finding a more fulfilling life; maybe even a shot at peace and joyfulness"     – Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, M.D.

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  • 2 Day Purpose Retreat

    Life lessons from the Square pen.  One day you will say that you have become who you were sent here to become and you will say your work/purpose is finished, for this to occur, Today, you must see the warhorse inside of you so that you will not sabotage your purpose out of guilt/fear of becoming the Warhorse you actually are today.



    You were enough yesterday and you are enough now, get that in your heart now.

  • 5 Day Ride

    The real life process of getting your mind right that you are enough and that you do have a purpose/work to accomplish. Exposed to certain struggles on the trail. What did the mustang teach you today? Exposed to certain principles and paradoxes that shifts old poor paradigms into alignment with Warhorse thinking.


    Learn the critical basics of How To Think under Pressure.

  • 10 Day Ride

    Men have learned they do have a purpose/work in this life to accomplish. They are seeking to fine tune this understanding and need further light and understanding of the the true principles that one must secure  to become a warhorse. The critical development and fine tuning process is patience, gentleness and firmness in the struggles out on the trail - This is Praus. They return home with an unwavering understanding and an undying commitment to be Praus.


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