A 16-Week Program

Working with mustangs on the ground and in the mountains – a simple and safe way to experience spiritual truths at work – demonstrating the power horses can teach us about the purpose and nature of our magnificence.

Power Workshops

Character Excellence Workshops

3. Wisdom

To develop wisdom, we must fully engage with life.  Engaging life requires curiosity to understand the world surrounding us, the strength to critically examine something before rendering judgment and the courage to take appropriate action.  Humility allows us to change our minds and alter course. This love of learning and understanding deepens our knowledge and provides perspective, which enables us to counsel well with ourselves and with others.

4. Courage

To be true to others we must be true to ourselves.  When we have wisely determined a course of action, we must persevere through inevitable obstacles.  It is insufficient to simply endure. We must continue with joy knowing that painful obstacles are the building blocks of growth and achievement that we will eventually have the proper perspective to revere.

5. Humanity

When we know we are enough, we know everyone else is equally enough.  We treat ourselves and others with kindness, and we become more aware of others’ feelings and motivations.  Through gratitude and empathy, we develop social intelligence that enables us to live in harmony with all life.

6. Justice

 As we live in harmony with all life, we cooperate well with others and willingly contribute and receive our honest share.  We approach life from a position of fairness, non-bias and opportunity. As we incorporate justice in our endeavors we emerge as trusted members and leaders of our environments.

7. Temperance

As we live a just life, our hearts become softened.  Because we have developed the gift of empathy, we forgive freely and in turn we are forgiven freely.  We know we are enough, so the mark of humility flows through us, and we need no externalities to elevate our self-worth.  We are careful with our choices in life, and we discipline our appetites and emotions.

8. Transcendence

A virtuous life is filled with an appreciation for the beauty and splendor that encompasses daily life.  Our spirit radiates gratitude. Our countenance becomes light and we find humor during difficulty. We hope for the best for ourselves and for others, and we work to manifest the virtuous desires of our hearts.  Connection, purpose and meaning shape our life pursuits.


Tuition for the full 8-Workshop program is $800.  We offer several payment options in our Pay it Forward tuition model. Please request more information on group or business prices.  As a nonprofit organization, Mustang Medicine relies heavily on donations to operate our program. We are careful with every dollar and try to keep costs low while still providing a world-class program.


Generous Scholarships are available that cover up to 100% of tuition. These scholarships are provided by generous donors and scholars who have completed the Mustang Medicine program on scholarship and have committed to paying it forward by funding a scholarship for new scholars to attend the program.  In turn, those scholars will pay it forward by funding new scholarships.  This model creates a perpetual program wherein scholars receive charity and donate charity on their journey of developing character excellence.

You can spread the word and sponsor someone to attend Mustang Medicine's full program by visiting the Pay It Forward page.


Apply for a scholarship through the link below.

Other Q&A

What type of program is this?

Mustang Medicine is a 16-week Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) Program taught by mentors and facilitators. We are not a therapy program, residential program, treatment center, or counseling center.  Our mission utilizes semi-wild mustangs to inspire scholars of our institute to discover their magnificence by accessing their personal power under pressure in order to become men and women of character excellence.  


When can I sign up?

Mustang Medicine is structured as an academic schedule similar to collegiate semesters.  Semesters last 4 months, and each class meets one day every other week at the same day and time.  Currently, we offer several classes in a Spring Semester that starts in March and a Fall Semester that starts in July.  Each class is limited to 10 scholars, so we encourage people to enroll early in their preferred class to reserve their spot.

Other Questions?

Feel free to contact us at 801-360-6657 or